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Diesel Engine Repair, Rebuild, Overhaul & Conversion Services in Georgia

Repair Shops in Auburn, Fayetteville, & Lawrenceville, GA

Truck owners seeking expert truck engine repair, rebuild, overhaul, and conversion in Georgia can rely on Myles Truck Repair for superior service. Our professional team brings years of experience and an eye for detail to every project, guaranteeing your truck's engine is in the best hands.

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Comprehensive Solutions for Truck Engine Repair, Overhaul, Rebuild, and Conversion in Georgia

Haven’t scheduled your preventive maintenance appointment? Got a blown head gasket? Whether it's a straightforward engine repair or a complete engine overhaul, we've got you covered. We’re equipped with quality tools and training to handle any engine challenge. Our in-shop services include comprehensive engine work, ensuring that every component of your truck's engine receives the attention it deserves

Are Rebuilt Engines Risky?

A common question we encounter is: Are rebuilt engines risky? The answer lies in the expertise and quality of the service provided. At Myles Truck Repair, we assure you that our rebuilt engines are not risky, thanks to our professional approach and meticulous attention to detail. Our technicians are adept at rebuilding engines to meet and exceed original specifications, ensuring reliability and longevity.

State-of-the-Art Engine Diagnostics

We pride ourselves on offering the latest in engine diagnostic technology through our partnership with Diesel Laptops. This advanced software works with all major OE engine manufacturers, including Cummins, Detroit, CAT, Volvo, and more, ensuring accurate diagnostics and efficient repairs. Whether it's a minor engine fix or a major overhaul, our in-shop services cater to all forms of truck engine work, from repairs to overhauls, rebuilds, and conversions.

Serving Lawrenceville, Auburn, Fayetteville, & Other Georgia Cities

Our dedication to serving our clients goes beyond the walls of our shops. We offer 24/7 mobile truck repair services within a 50-mile radius of our locations in Lawrenceville, Auburn, and Fayetteville, GA. This extensive coverage includes:

  • Atlanta, GA
  • LaGrange, GA
  • Athens, GA
  • Newnan, GA
  • Douglasville, GA
  • Marietta, GA
  • Alpharetta, GA
  • Rome, GA
  • Calhoun, GA
  • Covington, GA
  • Griffin, GA
  • Conyers, GA
  • And more!

Wherever you are in North-Central Georgia, Myles Truck Repair is just a call away for on-site engine repairs and emergency assistance.

Choose Myles Truck Repair for Unmatched Engine Services

When it comes to truck engine repair, overhaul, rebuild, and conversion in Georgia, Myles Truck Repair stands out as a leader in the industry. We invite you to experience the Myles Truck Repair difference — where tradition meets innovation, and customer satisfaction is our top priority. Contact us today for professional, high-quality engine services that you can trust.

Truck Repair Shop Services

We at Myles Truck Repair pride ourselves on offering dealership-level truck repair in Lawrenceville, Auburn, Fayetteville, and other cities in Georgia at competitive prices, ensuring that each vehicle leaving our shop is a testament to our commitment to quality and efficiency.

our Truck Repair Shops locations

Come visit us at any of our  3 locations across Georgia. Our shops are located in Lawrencevillle, Auburn and Fayetteville.

Fayetteville, GA

Mon-Fri: 8am - 5pm
Sat: Closed
Roadside: 24/7

Lawrenceville, GA

Mon-Fri: 8am - 5pm
Sat: Closed
Roadside: 24/7

Auburn, GA

Mon-Fri: 8am - 5pm
Sat: 8am - 12pm
Roadside: 24/7